Ethical Problem For Autonomous Car

In Carlos’s case, I think the pedestrian Carlos should take the most responsibilities. We can think in a normal way, if the car is not an autonomous car but a human steeling car,how should the court  judge?  Definitely, Pedestrian broke the rules at first and led to this accident. The autonomous car only moved by its original path, so I believe judge will announce Carlos will take the most responsibility. However, how about the rest small part liability? In my opinion, the car manufactory should take it. Before autonomous car go on the highway, manufactory has promised that autonomous can reduce the accident rate, so it should consider all kind of risky situations. Another small part liability should be attributed to government. Because government should evaluate all kinds of cars safety standards before launching into market, and autonomous cars should also be assessed totally with detailed policies.

Apart from these type of issues, there are other dilemma, like unemployment problems, trolley problems, hacker problems and terrorist issues. In consequently, we should publish more harsh standards both in production and laws.

For manufactories, they should enhance security ability, including avoiding stealing and hacking, and for the trolley dilemma, the car should protect people in car firstly and next try their best to eliminate other accidents on road, like better Abs systems, more advanced sensors or smart AI technology.

For government, it should evaluate autonomous cars’ function and safety carefully. Before licensing them, government should classify all various liability, and it’s very necessary to issue autonomous car’s policy individually!



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