Law About Autonomous Cars

After explanation of Carlos’ case, we understand that the autonomous are facing severe problems with relation to traffic accidents because of lack of relative laws. Should we stop exploring autonomous cars’ designing or lead to a reform?

Definitely, we can’t refuse the development of technology because of laws’ problems, now we can conclude that there are some controversies when accidents happened.

Firstly, how we clarify the liability when an autonomous car crash another car or pedestrians? For traditional cars, laws will allocate their responsibilities clearly according to their behaviors. However, there aren’t a serial completed law to define all kinds of situations.

Mostly, governments just require manufactories to regulate themselves

and promise consumer’s safety. In theory, the real drivers should take most responsibility. Because they control the car when accidents happened. For autonomous cars, the systems domain the car’s condition whether to brake or accelerate. So, systems’ programmers and manufactories must be the first people to take this responsibility. However, most of autonomous cars allow people to deal with some emergence situations, like swerving or braking. So the definition of autonomous car is very important.

Nowadays, many American states has enacted many polices to regulate autonomous cars behavior and definition. In California, the government announce that “Authorizes the Contra Costa Transportation Authority to conduct a pilot project testing autonomous vehicles not equipped with steering wheels, brake pedals, accelerators, or operators inside, at specified locations and speeds under 35 miles per hour”. And in Nevada, they described the rules as “Defines “autonomous vehicle” and directs state DMV to adopt rules for license endorsement and for operation, including insurance, safety standards, and testing”. Of course, other states also define different definitions. I think lawmakers, governments, companies and drivers should work together to legislate relative laws to make rules more appropriate. Not only this way will ease the tension between consumers and government, but also thrive autonomous cars’ growing.

Another urgent problem is the security problems. For example, terrorist will hack cars and make some criminals like cars’ bombing in many countries. In one hand, manufactories should enhance their systems to avoid hacking. On another side, lawmakers must issue harsh laws to filter people who can be authorized to poses autonomous cars. These methods could help build standard laws to regulate driverless cars.







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