Personality Test

From the test results, you can find that i am a warm hearted and open person. I love to share ideas and thinks with other people even strangers. However, I will do some decisions harshly and quickly, so i hope to work with someone who is more rational.

well, I am definitely extraverted, so you will be easy to talk and connect with me. Of course, I would love to share my stories with you, so i believe we can become good friends if you work with me. In another sides, i have better imagination always, so if you lack some good points, just hit me.

About my temper, I am totally a good person. i rarely become angary to others unless they do some extremely bad things, but that’s not usually. i am also good at dealing with team conflicts, but sometimes i will be overwhelmed by group of tasks and feel stressful. so i hope someone can help me to fix these things.

Luckily, even i love to crowd party and make some errors occasionally, but i have strong responsibility to my team. firstly, i love to discipline myself in any situations even including parties. And i know when and where to stop to keep myself clear mind. Additionally, if i receive a task from my team, i can sacrifice all my time on finishing targets.

In generally, i prefer to trust other people and believe my team members can finish their tasks successfully. Even the can’t do that on time, i usually have strong sympathy on them and try to explain reasons from positive side. so you will feel happy to cooperate with me.

In conclusion, i am a extraverted, warm hearted and conscientious people. But i can’t deal with overwhelming tasks very well sometimes and feel depressed. so i love to work with the people who can help me to arrange things well.


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