Social Response to Autonomous Cars

Collecting Data

Luckily, I have received 10 of my friends’ respond about these questions. When referring to whether they drive a car, 9 of them said yes. About the reason, more than half of them chose “convenient”, and “status”, “hobby” took 2 both respectively. However, when I ask some questions about autonomous car, most people present their interests on it, but 2 of them think it will cause some social problems like causing jobless. While 5 people chose the reason” reduce accidents” and 3 chose “ease traffic pressure”. Another one focus on its function “looks cool”.

For me, I have strongly eager to poses my own autonomous car. Because I have some weakness on driving, even I have gotten my license, I prone to be fatigue, so it’s a little dangerous for me. If I can get my own driverless car, I won’t care this problem.

Besides my own problems, autonomous car can do lots works for human. For example, when you drink some alcohol with your friends and you don’t need to worry drunk driving because your car can drive you to home automatically, that’s really cool! Then think about another case, if you drive a long journey with your family and travel around Canada, you will spend lots energy on focus driving, if you have your driverless car, you can be free from this treadmill.

At same time, autonomous can replace human to do some risky jobs. Like delivering nuclear materials to nuclear plant and move away debris. It can save people’s live maximumly. Now we don’t make up a reason to refuse autonomous technology. hugging new world, feeling happy life!


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